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XT-920 model automatic carton production line
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XinTian XT-M Series Die-Cutter

Main Technical Parameter:
1220×1800/2200(Φ420) 1400×1800/2200(Φ480)
1 Inboard width mm 2200 2600 2200 2600
2 Max.cover age size mm 1270×2000 1270×2400 1400×2000 1470×2400
3 Effective die cutting area mm 1200×1800 1200×2200 1400×1800 1400×2200
4 Complete machine baffle thickness mm 50 50 50 50
5 Max. speed Pieces/min 150 150 140 140
6 Die cutter precision mm ±1.5 ±1.5 ±1.5 ±1.5
7 Height of die-cutter mm 25.4 25.4 25.4 25.4

●This machine is the exclusive equipment ior die cutting and molding, suitable for the manufacturing oi colorful cartons, boxes and other package products of abnormal shape.
●It adopts the double roller pressing and urethane soft template, die cutting speed difference servo make up the linear velocity automatically, completing the paperboard and the siding, slotting, punching, creasing and folding oi the corrugated paper oi medium and small thickness once.
●It adopts the vacuum absorption to supplement the paper feeding; the main machine adjusts the speed by frequency control and the die cutting phase by electro-motion. It is featured with high cutting precision, high speed and convenient operation.
●Option kick Feeding or Lead edge feeding.

Technical Instruction of the Equipment:
●The die cutter phase is controlled by computer and electric digit with 360°adjustment.
●Uniilair glue die cutting cushion roller servo traces simultaneously, when the restored roller is input inside the servo computer system, it will calculate accurately and automatically and follow the print speed to ensure the velocity oi blade line the same as the cushion roller and make the formation oi the die cutting beautiful and same in size. No matter how the diameter oi the cushion changes, the die cutting plate will not be damaged. The upper and lower roller oi the die cutting adopts the design oi different size, the servo system ensures the automatic deviation of the cushion and cutting die for every circle, which greatly lengthen the service life oi the cushion; in addition, the renovated cushion could be used for many times and greatly reduce the use cost.
●The cushion roller mechanical, horizontal and facility from + 30mm to -30mm could raise the service life of the cushion oi the die-cutting.
●Le1t and right baffle and back baffle position are controlled by electric digit; option the side baffle is equipped with pneumatic trimming facilities.
●Consecutive or skip paper feed, infrared electrophonic counter, brush dust removal mechanism.
●All the electric parts was used international famous brand and host frequency conversion control, 30% electricity saving.

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